The Small Choices Make Big Differences : Even The Simple Choice Of What Internet Service To Use Makes Big Differences Down The Road

At CompsDoc LLC, we realize that even the small choices have a big impact on your business and we encourage you to consult  with us before you make the small choices. One small choice many businesses make is the choice of internet connection for their business.
Most medium and small sized businesses choose either Comcast or Verizon Fios. Little do they know, this is a small decision that has major impacts.

Business Choices: Why you need a computer business consultant

Most businesses do not realize the big impact this decision has. If you choose cable (Comcast), you have probably already experienced their notorious outages and if you have a business that primarily deals online, this means lost revenue and an unrecoverable amount of customers and employee productivity time that is potentially lost during the downtime. This internet downtime could be 5 minutes or it could be the whole day (worst we have experienced so far has been 1 business day).  On the other hand, I personally have rarely seen Verizon Fios outages which in my experience puts reliability on Verizon’s side.


Now the downside is that Verizon Fios is not available everywhere therefore some of our clients and even us (gasp) still use Comcast. This puts into perspective that even a small choice like choosing internet service has big consequences. Choose wisely,  with a business consultant by your side, we can advise you on even the small choices, CompsDoc LLC is here to help