December 9, 2012

Green Movement / Recycle Computers

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small 1 person shop, you should consider Going Green and CompsDoc LLC is here to help!
Recycling Old Computers and Computer Parts

Green Computers

Let us revamp your company with low power high performance computers.

Save on electricity and lower your carbon footprint. We build as many computers as you need. Need a computer that runs under 150watts yet still has a quad core processor and a 1 terabyte harddrive? We can do it! Give us a call today. No Quantity is too large or too small. Complete Low Power Quad core machines starting at just $500!

We can build you a dual core system that runs at under 25 watts!

Save Our Environment

  • Go Green and Save the Environment! At the same time, reduce your carbon foot print and your electricity bill!
  • The average computer burns about 200-300 watts. We can reduce it to 100 with next to no performance hit. Sometimes our low power computers are even faster than your current ones depending on the age.
  • We can also design under 25 watt systems
  • If you need the computers to run and idle at a certain temperature, we can design them to your specifications.

Recycle Old Computers

We will buy your old computer parts and find them a new home. We also sell on consignment as well. Please email[email protected] for an inquiry.

We will buy your excess and obsolete IT equipment and resell it through our global partners. We can either buy your equipment straight out for cash or sell it by consignment , if we find the equipment is too old for resale, we will let you know.

Through consignment we will agree on a shared revenue and proceeds will be sent back to you once the item has sold. All unsold items will be returned to the client.