CompsDoc LLC Unleashes Fifth Generation Tigra 5 to Take On The Mobile Web


Just 6 months after it’s last iteration of the Tigra framework, CompsDoc LLC has revamped the mobility of the Tigra software from the ground up using new custom mobile controls. These controls are simple to use on phones and make complex browsing experiences easy on the end user. No longer do end users have to zoom in and out to enter simple text, the web application now scales itself to the user’s device resolution.



In addition to scaling, there are custom controls, which CompsDoc LLC created for use in their Tigra 5 framework. They have dumped the canned controls and gone custom. These controls are custom made and function like nothing else on the market. CompDoc LLC now has the ability to create custom controls for every client’s need. This is one thing that sets CompsDoc LLC apart from their competitors, to understand the need and to go above and beyond to create a fully custom solution.


As quoted by the owner Nathan Wan “We build everything custom and make it fit our client’s business, most other software companies out there use canned open source software and make your business fit into their model, which from my experience does not always work out and the company loses the money they invested in software because their employees do not use it; software is like food. It is better to consume when the company takes the time to customize it for their needs and end users (employees). Think about chicken noodle, would you rather consume canned chicken noodle or custom made chicken noodle?”

“Software is like food… would you rather consume canned chicken noodle or custom made chicken noodle?”

CompsDoc LLC Tigra is more secure than ever passing the latest PCI DSS V3.1 with TLS 1.3 securing it’s web application data. CompsDoc LLC now is partnered with Trustwave to run security scans on their servers and web applications to ensure top notch security.


In terms of revenue, CompsDoc LLC’s Tigra systems have processed 4.7 million dollars so far and is growing exponentially, the company’s ability to scale and match the market’s needs are what is setting it apart from the competition. The company is focused on taking the time to build their systems from the ground up while ensuring it fits the business needs and growth.