How to Choose a Computer Consultant for Your Business in Boston?

The landscape is changing for businesses, with smart phones piercing over 50{95e9ff0e10c3f86cca7ac79517462ec939ed9d0d93e31cab39d3b054b9c6b34c} of all mobile phone users, you cannot be behind technology today because surely your competition will take advantage of the new technology to promote their business.


In this guide we will go through the first step, should you hire a full time IT staff or outsource it to a computer consultant. The second part will deal with how do you hire a computer consultant? A lot of computer consultants talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. As a computer consultant myself, I have seen many computer consultants claim to be able to do something, but ultimately fail in the end.

Lets start with these questions

  1. Do you need someone there every business day/hour or are you ok to deal with the small things yourself such as paper jams in the printer etc (answer no if you are computer illiterate)
  2. Do your employees need someone there to help at all business hours ?
  3. Do your customers need someone there to help at all business hours?

If you answered no to all these questions, then you should get a computer consultant because you do not need IT staff to be there constantly


How to hire a computer consultant in Boston

  1. Look for certifications , these prove they at least studied enough to pass the rigorous tests (Microsoft Certified System Engineer, CompTIA A+, Cisco Certifications , etc)
  2. Ask for references (a good consultant will always have good references)
  3. Ask for previous projects and what they did for other companies
  4. Ask which consultant would be working for them and ask for their resume and credentials (it is like you are hiring that person part time, wouldn’t you want to know what college they went to and where they studied?)